1 Nevada Goldback (10 Pack) - Aurum Gold Note (24k) - ZM - Zion Metals
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1 Nevada Goldback - Aurum Gold Note (24k)

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These Nevada Goldback foil notes contain 1/1000 oz .999 fine Gold which is the first local, voluntary currency to be made of a spendable, beautiful, physical Gold.

Currency Highlights:
  • Contains 1/1000 oz (0.001 oz) of .999 fine Gold.
  • Face: Features Lady Charity represented in the form of Mother Mary. She is depicted next to a pillar while two cherubs place a crown on her head. At her feet is a candle and a jar of oil. The candle she is holding is the Candle of Charity. A pair of Pheasants can be seen in the foreground while woven into the bottom of Charity’s dress is the word “LOVE.”
  • Back: Blank.
  • Not legal tender.
  • Made in the United States.


    Denomination: 1 Nevada Goldback
    Country:   USA
    Metal: Gold 0.001 troy oz
    Weight: 0.001 troy oz
    Size: 146.26 x 63.66 mm
    Finish: Gold Note
    Grade Service None
    Mintage: TBD
    Date of issue:   N/A
    Additions N/A